Synthetic Leather Stand/Cover with Magnetic Latch for iPad 2 - Red

Synthetic Leather Stand/Cover with Magnetic Latch for iPad 2 - Red | ELECTRONICS

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Synthetic Leather Stand/Cover with Magnetic Latch for iPad® 2 - Red

This premium cover has a durable polycarbonate shell, with soft, felt padding inside, which fits around the back of your iPad® 2. The shell is covered in a padded, synthetic leather material, with an attached lid that folds over the front of the tablet, providing all-around protection for your iPad and a professional appearance.

The lid is hinged in three places, allowing it to be rolled into a triangular base that supports the iPad in a horizontal/landscape orientation, perfect for watching movies or other video content. A magnet in the front-most portion of the lid provides a light grip on the frame of the iPad, keeping it in place when closed, yet allowing it to be easily opened with just a gentle pull on the edge.

As with other iPad covers with a magnetic latch, this cover will automatically turn your iPad on when it is opened and off when it is closed. Note that this feature will not function until it is enabled in the iPad settings. To enable it, first install the cover and close it. The iPad will detect the magnetic latch and will reveal the settings for the automatic on/off function. Then go to Settings->General->iPad Cover Lock/Unlock on your iPad to enable the feature.

The cover has cutouts for the connectors, camera lens, and controls. Additionally, the cover is slotted at the top to allow clear access to the 3G antenna area, ensuring that it will not interfere with 3G reception.

The cover has a bright-red leather grain finish, with grey felt inside the lid and red plastic trim.

iPad not included!