6-pack Ancient Whole Grains Organic Bowl

6-pack Ancient Whole Grains Organic Bowl | HEALTH & BEAUTY

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6-pack Ancient Whole Organic Grains - Freekeh Farro Kamut - Six Bowls, 210 grams (7.4oz) each

100% organic Fully Cooked and Ready to Eat or warm up in microwave. Rich, nutty flavor, delicious with Soups, Stews, Pilafs or Salads.

Mix of 3 Ancient Grains:

FREEKEH (free-kah) Wheat that has been harvested when it's still young and green. High in protein, fiber ad minerals that mature wheat. Contains resistant starch, which is a type of carbohydrate that acts like a fiber. 

FARRO (fahr-roh) Known as "Emmer" wheat, Farro was the primary grain cultivated by early Egyptians. Complex carbs break down slowly, keeping your energy levels stable. The grain also has cyanogenic glucosides, a type of carb that may boost immune system.

KAMUT (kah-moot) The name Kamut comes from the ancient Egyptian word for Wheat. Rich in nutrients that are assential for good health, including dietary fiber, manganese, magnesium and niacin (vitamin B-3).