MTech USA Tactical Fighter KNIFE w. Shoulder Sheath +

    MTech USA Tactical Fighter KNIFE w. Shoulder Sheath + | FIXED BLADE KNIVES

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    BRAND NEW - MTech USA Designed Tactical FIghting Knife!

    BEEFY 440 STEEL FULL TANG Fixed Blade Knife stands above most!

    Well Balanced and impressive design.

    TANTO style blade tip with Curved Serration and Finger Grip adorn the blade of this monster knife.

    Total Overall Length is just over 10.5" inches.

    The blade itself measures just under 6" inches from tip to the start of the handle.

    The handle is a carbon fiber material.

    Unique Shoulder strap Nylon SHEATH is included and features some extra places to run the strap so you can attach it to your leg or arm or machine gun! :)

    Also includes a handy Sharpening Stone tucked away in the sheath pocket.