Scratch & Dent

    Our Scratch-n-Dents / B-Stocks are items that for whatever reason cannot be sold as new. They may include: Showroom ModelsCustomer Returns, Damage or Manufacturer Defects, etc. If you do not mind a minor blemish or you are a handy person that can fix them up, this is a place you can save some money over buying a brand new unit. 
    B-Socks are grouped into 4 categories based on their condition:
    - A - Like New without Obvious Defects
    Example: Showroom guitar or shipping return without visible issues. 
    - B - Minor Flaws or Defects. 
    Example: Guitar with a broken string or scratches that should not affect long term use.
    - C - Repairable Flaws or Damage 
    Example: Guitar with a cracked body, that should be fixable. 
    - F - Major Damage / Parts Only
    Example: Guitar with a broken neck, that can be parted out or used for decoration. 
    * We inspect all items before grading them to best of our ability. We carry many different products and we may not be experts in every category, therefore please consider our inspection more of visual nature than complete field testing. 
    ** Due to the nature of these items all B-STOCKS ARE SOLD AS-IS. No warranties, returns or refunds apply. 

    WE ALSO HAVE FULL PALLETS OF RETURNS FOR SALE - Please contact us for details. 

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