Auto Part Liquidation

We have recently purchased a local Auto Body Parts company FORT WAYNE AUTO BUMPER EXCHANGE, that went out of business. Along with a new warehouse we acquired all of their remaining inventory of thousands of Automotive Parts: Bumpers, Hoods, Fenders, Doors, Body Panels, Lights & Mirrors, etc. We are clearing them out at Lowest Prices Anywhere!

We have inventoried most of items, but there are still hundreds more to go. If you are looking for a specific part, search in categories below and/or contact us for more info and pricing. 

* Due to nature of how we acquired these parts, we are selling them AS-IS. They are heavily discounted, so please confirm correct fit/application before buying, because once you take it off the lot, you own it. No refunds/returns accepted.

** We are accepting TAKE ALL offers as well as PARTIAL, BULK BUYS.